In Consortium Loans Instrument to Gil Shaham

June 12th, 2020

Rare Violins In Consortium is pleased to announce a long-term loan arrangement of a
Stradivari from 1719 to world-renowned violinist Gil Shaham. This is the first sponsorship
brokered by In Consortium to a successfully established international artist.
Mr. Shaham has been playing the violin since the end of last year and has appeared with it in all
his most recent concert performances. He also played the instrument on his highly anticipated
new recording of Beethoven and Brahms Concertos with The Knights, to be released later this
year. When asked about what this opportunity means to him, Mr. Shaham replied:

“I am very grateful to the anonymous benefactor and Rare Violins In
Consortium for the use of this Stradivari violin. Playing this
remarkable violin is life-changing for people like myself. Imagine being given a
new voice. Imagine finding you can say things differently and even say
different things. Hats off to this organization and its supporters for improving
musicians’ lives.”
This is the sixth loan arrangement brokered by In Consortium, a subsidiary of Rare Violins of
New York, since its inception in 2018. The group is especially excited about the new loan, as
it confirms that this exceptional Stradivari violin, widely considered to be one of the finest
sounding Strads still in existence, will continue to be in the hands of the extraordinarily gifted
Mr. Shaham for the foreseeable future.

Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1719